Our Focus

Among our staff, positions have included technical as well as managerial roles, assuring that we can handle the widest spectrum of tasks which might be needed.

Owing to our diverse team, we can bring multi-decennial experience in the areas of embedded, real-time and communications. Industries have included high technology companies such as Qualcomm, Nortel and Lucent.

Our focus

Our Skills

Working with Real Time operating system [RTOS] based applications and network protocols such as low power performance optimizations.

Internet of Things [IoT] applications and wireless protocols. We possess expertise wtih Bluetooth Low Energy[BLE] and cloud interfaces.

Specialty Technologies

Infio Consulting offers expertise in ARM processors


Our team provides an extensive body of knowledge when it comes to low power Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) platforms.

Infio specializes in real time processing

Real Time Optimizations:

Are you getting involved with low latency, power efficient designs? We can help you streamline you process and your tools to accomplish this.

Infio consulting specializes in embedded communications

Embedded Communications:

Today we have a great deal of communication standards. We have a significant exposure to BLE devices and can perform services using Long Range low power devices (LoRA) and Low Power wide Area network devices.